Do I need to place a deposit for a Birthday Party?
Yes.  We  require a $50 deposit to guarantee your party date and time.  Your deposit is deducted from your total and the balance is due at the conclusion of your Party.   We ENCOURAGE you to phone in your Birthday Party reservation.  Xtreme Jump Zone accepts all major credit cards and personnel checks for party deposits.   

Can Adults bounce at Xtreme Jump Zone?
We allow the adults to ASSIST small jumpers.  For safety reasons, we do not allow adults to play on the inflatables.  Parents can relax playing in our Game Room,  bring your lap top and enjoy our free WiFi or bring a book and enjoy a cup of coffee in our lounge area.  Our facility is designed for children from stable walkers to age 12. There is no admission for parents.

How long is our Party?
You and your guest may bounce from the start of your party till we close.  However your private party area is available to you and your guest for 2 hours.  

How many adult guest can we invite? Although there is no charge for adult's,  seating is only reserved for your younger guest.  Please keep that in mind when scheduling your party.  We will make every effort to accommodate your needs. 

Can I bring my own food or beverage to Xtreme Jump Zone?
No outside Food or Drinks are permitted. You may bring in cake, birthday cookies or cup cakes and goodie bags for your Party.  Xtreme Jump Zone offers a full service CafĂ©. 

Do you supply the paper products for our Party?
Yes, we supply plates for pizza and small plates for cake, as well as napkins, forks or spoons.  You will need to bring candles for your cake.  Our paper wear is plain white design,  you are welcome to bring your own theme to personalize your child's special day.

Must we wear socks?
YES, socks are required at all times.  If you forget them, they can be purchased at the front counter.

What if I have low turnout, can I get a discount?
No.  We staff our facility based on how many parties/children may be there.  We don't require a final count until the day before the party.  However, you must meet your guarantee.

What if I am late getting to my party, can I extend my time?
Unfortunately, we can not extend party times due to late check in because we may have a party scheduled right after yours.   We will make every effort to accommodate you.  If there is time to extend, we will.  Discounts can not be given for late check-ins.

Can I bring my own decorations?
Our party areas have table covers, balloons and wall decorations.  You may bring additional balloons, or themed table covers and paper ware to personalize your child's special day. No glitter, or confetti permitted, a $30 minimum clean up fee will be charged.  SILLY STRING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED FROM JUMP ZONE PROPERTY.

Can I order food on the day of our party?
We always prefer that you order food 1 day ahead of your party.  Party trays, sub's, chicken tenders, etc. REQUIRE  24 hour order notice to ensure availability.  Pizza is deliver  60 minutes after the start of your party.   Our cafe is open during all party's.  If you have a special request, please call us at 570-646-9663.

Do waivers need to be signed?
Yes!  Parents MUST sign their child's waiver at check in.

What is your cancellation policy?
All deposits are non-refundable. 

Can I do a Walk-In Party?
You are definitely welcome to bring a group of children to play without scheduling a party, however you are not permitted to bring in cake or goodie bags unless it is during a scheduled birthday party.  We highly recommend you booking your party so you can enjoy the full party experience and have adequate seating for your guests. 

How often do you clean your jumps?
Our Jumps are sanitized daily.  We use hospital approved sanatizer to clean our entire facility.

Is Xtreme Jump Zone licensed, inspected and insured?
Yes.  All jumps are registered and inspected monthly buy a licensed Pa. Department of Agriculture Inspector and our deli/cafe is licensed and inspected by the Pa. Department of Agriculture. Xtreme Jump Zone/CAKM Entertainment LLC is insured by a AAA Insurance provider.

When do you schedule Nerf Party's?  Nerf Party's are schedule at either the beginning of the day (11 am) or last party of the day (6 pm).  Nerf Party's are private facility rentals and therefore must be scheduled during these times.  They are 2 1/2 hours long.  We supply the Nerf Guns and Ammo.


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